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What Is Health Information Technology

health-information-technologyThe term Health information technology which is being taught in schools and universities is also abbreviated as (HIT). It acts like an umbrella which describes the most comprehensive management related to the health information across the computerized systems. Simply explained it is the best and most promising system for improving the efficiency, quality and safety of health delivery system. It secures the exchange in between providers, consumers, insurers, quality entities and government.

Usefulness of HIT:

There are numbers of consistent and broad utilization of Health information technology. Some of them are:

  • It improves quality of health care
  • It increases the productivity of health care
  • It increases accuracy of health care and prevents the common medical errors
  • It reduces the costs of health care
  • It increases the related work processes i.e. administrative efficiencies
  • It decreases unproductive paper work and encourage the practical implications
  • It extends the health informatics communications among professionals on real time
  • It also expands the access to reasonable and affordable care

Concept of Health information technology:

“An application of the information processing that involves both the computer’s software and hardware which deals with the storage, sharing, retrieval and usage of information about health care is considered as Health information technology”. Every person especially the new generation needs to know about the Health information technology as well as its broad applications. All that knowledge is given by school and university at their extent. Students can also get the information about HIT in their vacations by online summer schools and through online education easily if they have access to the internet.

Implementations of Health information technology:

Health information technologies are implemented in various institutes and organizations due to their vast advantages. Some of institutes are:  The Institute of Medicine’s (2001) call for use of electronic systems in health care organizations.

  • United States hospitals adopt the system in 2004.
  • The American hospitals shift the records from pap er to electronic records.

Basics of Health information technology:

You have to learn about the basics of health information technology. It is a broad concept which encompasses the technologies to store, analyze and share the information about health care. Providers of health care use HIT for improving patient’s care. But it does not mean HIT is just for health care providers, it can also be used for better communication with your doctor to get more beneficial information about your health which will help you to take actions for improving your quality as well as quantity of life. Health information technology includes electronic health records, personal health records an E-prescribing. The doctor keeps the record of patient’s health information in electronic system instead of paper files. It is more beneficial to keep records in electronic device as compared to paper files. Similarly due to E-prescribing it is easy to get medicines from pharmacy without having paper prescription because doctor communicate directly to your pharmacy through E-prescription technology. Online community is another e-tool. You can help others and can share your information if you have enough online education.

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