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Very Few Manage a Second Language Spanish

If one refers to the issue of language, the field of study is very broad. However, if one refers in particular to the learning of these should be to emphasize that complications often occur during this process. This is the case that has been observed in Spain since according to the latest research on thirty-six percent of the Spanish population studies English, however, that amount just two out of ten individuals can speak and handle it perfectly. This figure is only about ten percent of enrolled in a Spanish language course. These figures contrast sharply against the forty-four percent seen in the ability of individuals to other nations in Europe to speak a second language.

Strategic Plans of Education

Currently, in the strategic plans of educational nature in mind the teaching of a particular language. This is the most important language in the world in these times. This language we speak and that in itself is the most studied today in Spain is English. From school, to high school and already out of this, English has a wide span of time for study. After this stage many have followed studying Spanish in private institutes. However, due to the results many wonder if these people really do learn basic and elementary concepts of the language.

This doubt is reaffirmed when trying to grasp the fact that students can learn the language despite the money and time you spend for learning. The key aspect of the questions lies in seeing if students can make smooth conversation with another party, and know how to handle in writing. On the other hand, people who are more interested in learning English are young people and parents who have children of school age. There are many ways to learn, one of them is what is framed on the journey to places where English is the mother tongue. One of these places is London and it is visited by many adolescents traveling towards the English capital to try to learn their native language courses. This practice can be useful, although there are also many opponents of this technique. Many experts mentioned that it is a waste of time, money and energy.

Also worth mentioning that many of those who present some kind of English studying at university. For this reason, is that students repeatedly fail with an appropriate level in English proficiency. This is given to the time remaining after school is very short. Another aspect worth mentioning to compare the situation in Spain in the field of bilingualism, we should observe the reality experienced as Germany, Finland and Austria. In these three countries can be said that most of the population handled as naturally a second language. Finally, we can say that bilingualism unlike citizens who possess these three nations, both French and Italians are in parallel to the case level Spanish.

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