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What Medical Assistant Schools Offer?

Medical assistants schools are distinct group of medically prescribed health professionals who use their expertise to diagnose, treat and restore people of all ages and all specialties. They feel the gap between the patients and health professionals by providing an easy communication but skillful platform for better healthcare services. Often doctors and patients both relax because of Medical Assistants taking care of small but very important medical duties like providing the medicines on time. They also instruct patients about special diets, draw bloods, prepare for X-rays, taking electrocardiograms, change dressings. They perform their duties under direct supervision of a physician and other health care professionals.

What are the accredited Medical Assistant courses or programs in US?

In U.S the medical assistant institutions may accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education schools (ABHES) only if the graduates plan to become certified or registered. Recently there are in excess of 200 accredited programs by ABHES and more than 600 CAAHEP accredited programs. They are provided by sufficient classroom, laboratory time and lecture.

The recent course development

The study of medical assistant is in high demand now days. To make things easier and to support and encourage more students, online study of MA has been brought into practice, where the students can take course lesson directly from the internet. The online course has the same value like that of the conventional course.

What Medical Assistant Schools Offer

Type of Medical Assistant Programs:

• Associate degree
• Diploma
• Certificate

Other similar programs:

There are other programs which are similar to the study of Medical Assistants:

• Diploma in Medical administrative assistant
• Medical assistant degree
• Medical administration
• Medical assistant associate degree

Which institutes does certify medical assistants?

In U.S different institutions, organizations and schools certify medical assistants. Professional certification is a way to ensure medical assistants do well at an entry level. Though certification of medical assistants is voluntary and optional still they are encouraged by American Association of medical assistants (AAMA) and other certification bodies. Certification may be achieved by CMA (AAMA) certification examination offered by AAMA certifying board in consultation with the National Board of Medical Examiners. This CMA (AAMA) certifying examination is eligible for those individuals who have successfully completed a CAAHEP or ABHES accredited medical assisting programs. In order to maintain certification a CMA (AAMA) must re-certify in every 60months by continuing education.

The national center for competency testing (NCCT) is another organization that certifies medical assistants. NCCT is an independent and has certified 3,50,000 medical professionals since 1989. After successful testing such as proper background check of proper education and years of documented experience the designation is received. The NCCT also certifies ECG Technicians, Pharmacy Technicians and phlebotomy Technician but its not a lifetime certifications to applicants who pass a single exam. It certifies in order to avoid any allegiance to a specific organization or institutions.

These programs generally take one year to complete or an associate’s degree which takes around two years. Study topics also includes medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and other programs like clinical internship wherein the student works as a medical assistant in a medical clinic.

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